Canine Good Citizen

Rose and her mom testing for the Canine Good Citizen certification through The American Kennel Club.

Canine Good Citizen Training & Testing

What is Canine Good Citizen?

Give your dog a step above the rest with the Canine Good Citizen certification! Working toward this certification is good for those with previous training. It is commonly the first step needed to your dog becoming a therapy dog. It can also give you the opportunity to brag that your dog is a good citizen of the community!

There are 3 levels of testing:

Canine Good Citizen

Community Canine

Urban Canine Good Citizen

Each test consists of 10 items, and you must pass all 10 items to pass the test. You may use verbal and hand cues as well as verbal praise, but no treats or corrective methods (including corrective collars or harnesses). There is no age limit for dogs to be able to take the test, however, they need to have all the necessary vaccinations, and it is recommended that your dog be tested again as an adult if you tested them as a puppy, as behavior and temperament can change with age.

The ideal dog is confident, well-rounded, and unafraid. He/she must be good around people and dogs of all ages. We will typically meet in a park or a pet-friendly store to complete each test.

Interested in training for the CGC?

We can help you train for the CGC test through private training lessons, or through our Scholarly Hounds advanced group training class.

Ready to take the test?

You can contact us to schedule a time for you to take the test. We do not charge for testing, but we do ask for a minimum $20 donation to go to Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter.

Learn More

For more detailed information about the Canine Good Citizen certification, you can visit their website.

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Canine Good Citizen

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