Canine Coaching

In-home private training

Looking to be actively involved in the training process, and love personal attention? Then canine coaching is for you! 

Through these private training programs, we will guide you through the process of training your dog in the comfort of your home. This traditional approach to private training, we show you how to teach your dog new cues and behaviors, then you work with your dog in various settings to make them more reliable.

Our appointments are usually spread out about a week or two apart so it gives you some time to work with your dog on your own. Depending on what we are working on, we can even meet in a public, dog-friendly location! 

We have experience and love working with dogs who are shy, fearful, reactive, and aggressive, as well as those with other behavioral issues such as countersurfing, greetings at the door, and more!


​In addition to the programs listed below, we can also create a customized program just for you!

*An evaluation is required before starting any private training program.

In-home private training

In-home private training

Cooper - Canine Coaching

Cooper had a hard time when someone would reach to pet him, so we taught him an alternative behavior to greet people by putting his head in your hand when you held out your hand and said "say hi".

In-Home Private Training - Canine Coaching

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